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Chairloom x Ellen Forbes Burnie

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Chairloom x Ellen Forbes Burnie

And in walks inspiration and encouragement on two feet.

In July, as the new website was starting to take shape, I was randomly introduced via text to Ellen Forbes Burnie. Our mutual friend knew that we both lived in the same town so he sent us a group text as an introduction. Little did I know when she walked into the Chairloom showroom a week or so later that we grew up in the exact same neck of the woods outside of Detroit, Michigan. That certainly got my attention, but what astounded me as we talked for the first time and as I did my homework on Ellen was that she was truly a living, breathing, in the flesh inspiration and encouragement to me as I set out to redesign my website and keep my creative vision for Chairloom and myself intact.


Ellen is a creative director with an amazing resume and portfolio and I’m delighted to know her. She is a visual genius. Vogue, Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Martha Stewart, and The New York Times are just a few of those who have asked her for her creative guidance and expertise. As I had her full attention the day we met I showed her a few rough draft thoughts regarding the website and told her I wanted to incorporate a collage like the one on her site.

Much to my happiness, Ellen agreed to come back and help me create a collage that exuded the vibrancy and energy of the past 15 years of this business.


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