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"If you want to reinvigorate any room in your house, you MUST go to Chairloom to see how reupholstering your tired furniture can change your life.  You'll marvel at the range of seductive and artistic fabrics that Molly has to offer, making it hard to choose.  But with Molly's creative and sympathetic guidance, you'll be amazed at the final outcome.  My mid-century rattan chairs, with cushions now reupholstered in the coolest lime-green fabric ever, bring the wow factor into my previously lackluster sunroom."   Linda Miller

“Molly’s eye makes the difference. It’s not just vintage chairs; it’s great shapes with true potential. Chairloom is honestly my first stop for that perfect vintage moment every project needs.” 

- Allison Tick Interiors

“Whatever I dream up, Molly makes it happen-with glee! She has spectacular vision and superb craftsmanship. More than half of my home is filled with pieces from Chairloom; not only do they look great, they are all one of a kind and not to mention help the environment by reusing! All around a win win!”

- Sonja Smith, VA

“I never have more fun on my job than when I get to do a project with Chairloom. They are so helpful, creative, responsive and willing to think outside the box with me. They are one in a million!”

- Amy McNenney, Peacock Walter Interiors

“Molly is up for anything creatively. All of my Chairloom upholstery is unique with perfect craftsmanship. I couldn’t be happier with her work and her expertise in choosing the right materials for each piece. I even shipped her my grandfather’s tired sofa to remake and I’m so excited to see its new look. Thanks Molly.”

-Katherine Womack, TN


"It’s so much fun to imagine the possibilities with you and all your beautiful fabrics.Then comes the upholstery itself which is done with such care and exactness. So much more fun to have furniture with a story behind it, and knowing that it’s one-of-a-kind."

-Kate Zernike, NJ


"Nothing is better than trolling Chairloom's website of lost treasures just waiting to be found! The creative possibilities are endless and that's what makes it so much fun. Having true one-of-a-kind pieces is a million times more interesting to me than all the mass produced furniture taking up too much space in the world. The Chairloom team is so responsive, fun, and great to work with - she gets your vision immediately and brings it to life. I love Chairloom, have introduced it to all of my clients, and always go back for more….The Chairloom team can do anything!"

- Colleen Simonds, PA