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Chairloom operates at the
intersection of
art and sustainability,
shifting the conversation around
vintage furniture and design.



How it Works

Choose from our collection of vintage, one-of-a-kind furniture, custom items or bring your own unique piece.

Collaborate with Chairloom in deciding which new fabric or textile is right for the piece and your lifestyle.

Allow Chairloom’s team of artisan reupholsterers to breathe new life into the piece.

Take home a beautiful piece of responsibly sourced furniture you can love for years to come.


The Team

Photography Credit: The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia



What is Circular Design?


We are proud to be part of something larger than ourselves. We are challenged to think bigger and join a movement of design-minded people toward sustainability and responsible choices that do not hurt the environment.

Our clients and those who collaborate with us are invited to #jointherevival. We know that greater responsibility and awareness awaits us.